Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Don't Let Dingy Carpets Send the Wrong Message

Turn to us for a commercial carpet cleaning service in Boise, ID

How clean are the carpets in your office? Even if you vacuum daily, it can only clean your carpets so much. Vacuuming can leave behind build-up that makes your carpets look dull and dirty. When you need a deep carpet clean, turn to Idaho Green Carpet Clean for commercial carpet cleaning in Boise, ID.

Local businesses recognize us for the top-notch commercial carpet cleaning services we provide. Our services are great for:

  • Offices
  • Daycare centers
  • Restaurants

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The benefits of office carpet cleaning

The benefits of office carpet cleaning

You may think hiring a cleaning crew to vacuum your office carpets is good enough, but your carpets will need more than vacuuming eventually. They can benefit from a professional deep cleaning service from time to time. Our office carpet cleaning team can:

  • Eliminate allergens and odors
  • Boost the appearance of the office
  • Leave a good impression on customers or clients

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